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Product Design Philosophy

At Brand-Gaus, our product design philosophy is to provide highly reliable instruments that are simple and cost-effective to use.

We understand that the true cost of an instrument failure can greatly exceed the purchase price in lost development or production time. Our products are designed with an aggressive stance towards minimization of parts count and selection of high reliability components.

We also understand how important it is that test equipment be easy to learn and easy to use, so that you can be efficient in your work and confident that your equipment will perform as expected. Our products are designed with intuitive, streamlined interfaces along with standard connectors and convenient packaging.

Finally, we understand that instrumentation must be reasonably priced, but there must be trade-offs for a "high-quality, low-price" statement to be meaningful. We are able to offer high quality products at a low price by doing two things. First, we carefully choose the features and configurations needed for most (but not all!) applications. Secondly, we manufacture these as standard products in quantity. If you need special features or unusual configurations, our products may not be right for you. However, if you want simple, reliable instruments with rock-solid performance, you've come to the right place.

Customer Interaction Philosophy

Our top management has worked in research, development, and operations environments for many years and, as a result, has developed high expectations about what an instrument company should offer their customers. These expectations go well beyond just supplying high quality products at reasonable prices.

We understand that prospective customers want to quickly determine if a product is right for them, and that price can be crucial in this evaluation. All of our technical information and pricing are available online so you can review it at your convenience.

We also know that if you are considering buying equipment, you may need it right away. We have developed an innovative product architecture that allows us to ship any of our standard temperature control products in about two weeks, and any standard gas analyzer in about 4 weeks.

We also recognize how important it is to work with a company you can trust. This means knowing that the products will work as advertised and do so for years to come, as our products do. You can also rely on us to communicate swiftly and accurately if there are any problems. Finally, you can be assured satisfaction with our unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products.

More about us

Brand-Gaus, LLC was formed to provide cost-effective, high-quality, easy to use instrumentation products in a professional, customer-friendly manner. The principals, Dr. Joel Brand and Dr. Aron Gaus, identified these needs throughout their industrial careers, first as technical contributors, later as managers, and finally as directors of industrial equipment manufacturing companies. Brand-Gaus, LLC is dedicated to fulfilling this vision; we hope you will find both using our products and interacting with our company excellent experiences.

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