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Model 9705 Process Gas / NOx Monitor

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Scr NOx-O2 Analyzer

Reliable Feedback for Emissions Control

The Brand-Gaus Model 9705 is an extraordinarily compact rugged process analyzer providing fast, reliable, precise, and continuous emissions measurements of nearly any type of combustion source.

Combining the high-performance and ruggedness of solid-state chemiluminescence, UV fluorescence, and NDIR detection with our innovative patented* moderate dilution (meso-dilution) eliminates the need for climate control and most sample handling equipment found in conventional monitors. 

The Brand-Gaus Process Gas Analyzer is ideally suited for monitoring NOx or SO2 levels from feedback or feed-forward controlled processes, where very fast, real-time continuous detection is highly beneficial.

The Brand-Gaus Model 9705 Process Gas Monitor features dramatically simpler operation, lower capital and operating cost, and much higher reliability than conventional CEMS or other technologies.

Applications include:

Proven Field Performance

The Brand-Gaus Process NOx Analyzer achieves excellent agreement with conventional dilution-extractive CEMS on SCR outlets of coal-fired boilers, where high particulate loading and as much as 1500 PPM SO2 are present.

Simple Operation, Low Cost, High Reliability

Patented Meso-Dilution Gas Analysis

Brand-Gaus's patented* meso-dilution provides fast response, robust flow control, and reliable sample extraction with far-fewer components than traditional dilution-extractive systems.

High-temperature Gas Detection at the Source

Gas detector modules, ruggedized for high temperature, heavy-industrial environments, located directly at the probe

Simple, Robust User Interface

Gas Detection Specifications (any two gases)

  NOx SO2 CO2 O2
UV fluorescence NDIR absorption Amperometric
zirconium oxide
0 to 1000 PPM 0 to 1000 PPM 0 to 30 %CO2 0 to 25 %O2
Zero noise < 0.02 PPM < 0.25 PPM < 0.01 %CO2 < 0.02 %O2
Zero cal-drift
per day
Better than
± 0.1 PPM
Better than
± 2 PPM
Better than
± 0.2 %CO2
Better than
± 0.2 %O2
Span noise < 0.25% of reading < 0.25% of reading < 0.25% of reading < 0.02 %O2
Span cal-drift
per day
Better than
± 2% of reading
Better than
± 2% of reading
Better than
± 2% of reading
Better than
± 0.2 %O2
Linearity error < 2% full scale < 2% full scale < 2% full scale < 2% full scale

System Specifications

Parameter Value
Ambient conditions -20 to 55 C, continuous outdoor use
Power required 120 VAC, 5A max
Instrument air required 2 SCFM, 80 to 100 PSI
Sample flow 50 SCCM
Calibration flow rate 1-5 SLPM
Response Time T95 < 15 seconds
Gas concentration signal 4 to 20 mA analog output for each gas, adjustable concentration range
Maximum process temp 500 C

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