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Model CL3020 NOx Analyzer

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 NOx Analyzer for Low-NOx Extractive CEMS 

 Continuous Measurement of NOx/NO/NO2 Concentration
using Solid State Chemiluminescence 


Model 4710

Precise, Simple, Rugged NOx Measurement

High performance, robust, solid-state chemiluminescence NOx detection make the CL3020 a great alternative to conventional photomultiplier-based NOx analyzers in both process control applications and conventional extractive CEMS.

Options include our integrated oxygen measurement, continuous dual-cell speciation, and ammonia measurement.

Building upon the success of our Model 7705, the Brand-Gaus Model CL3020 NOx Analyzer is the ideal choice for measuring NOx, NO, and NO2 concentrations in the most demanding monitoring applications.

Solid-state NOx Detector

Solid-state Chemiluminescence Detection

CL3020 Analyzer Board  Board mounted NOx detector, ozone generator, and flow meters 

Greatly Simplified Electronics

Analyzer electronics and connectors are on a single electronics board, with ozonator, NOx detectors, power supply, and furnace control components mounted directly on the board

No board-to-board wiring and board-to-connector wiring

Robust Temperature-controlled Ozone Generation

Double-wall glass discharge tube with proprietary external flexible electrode, all encased in a temperature-controlled aluminum block.

Dual NOx Analyzer Board  Dual NOx sensors for continuous NO/NO2 measurement 

Continuous, simultaneous, real-time NO / NO2 speciation

Interface and Connectivity Features

Touch-screen interface

All diagnostics and controls accessible through an advanced, full-color 5 touch screen interface.

One-touch calibration

Once target gas values (e.g. bottle concentrations) have been entered, span and zero responses may be captured, and hence the analyzer calibrated, at the touch of the screen.


Gas concentrations are plotted in a chart-recorder style trend with user settable scales for in-depth data analysis at a glance.

Diagnostics and alarms

critical component temperatures and gas flows are measured within the analyzer and reported on the diagnostic screen. Target values and alarmable deviations are user-settable. These alarms are displayed on the home screen, as well as warning messages for internal communication errors or if the converter or ozonator has been disabled.

Analog outputs

Each measurement, including dual ranges for NOx, is output as either 4-20mA or 0-10V (user selectable). Analog outputs can be forced to low (4mA/0V) or high (20mA/10V) for troubleshooting. Further, the gain and offset of these analog outputs may be trimmed within approximately +/-5% of full scale to compensate for offsets or other issues with an external the data acquisition system, independent of analyzer calibration.

QR-Code (2D barcode)

Analyzer configuration and operating parameters, including calibration settings, can be sent via any mobile device that has a QR code / barcode scanning app for ease in remote troubleshooting and support.

Digital Communications

MODBUS over TCP/IP included, allowing access to gas concentrations, diagnostics, alarms, and other instrument parameters. The analyzer is also equipped with a VNC server that allows full remote operation from any device with a VNC viewer connected to the network. Using a locally connected PC or mobile device, factory personnel may remotely inspect and diagnose analyzer problems as if they were standing in front of the analyzer.

Performance Specifications

  NOx O2
Measurement technology Chemiluminescence using all solid-state detection Amperometric Zirconium oxide cell
Measurement range 0 to 1000 ppm 0 to 25 %O2
Full scale range Continuously adjustable from 5 to 1000 ppm Continuously adjustable from 5 to 25 %O2
Zero noise < 0.04 PPM < 0.02 %O2
Zero calibration drift Better than ± 0.1 PPM Better than ± 0.1 %O2
Span noise < 0.25% of reading < 0.02 %O2
Span calibration drift Better than ± 1% of reading Better than ± 0.1 %O2
Linearity error < 2% of high calibration value across range from zero to full scale < 1% of high calibration value across range from zero to full scale
Response time T95 < 10 seconds T95 < 10 seconds
NO2 converter efficiency < 95%  
Mechanical and Electrical
EIA 19 rackmount enclosure, 11 in. deep, 3 rack units tall (5.25 inches), 24 lbs.
Power: 120VAC, 4 Amps max.
Sample flow rate: requires approximately 0.1 SLPM at atmospheric pressure (e.g. from a vented sample manifold) per NOx measurement channel
Instrument air: requires approximately 0.2 SLPM dry, instrument-quality, oil-free air at atmospheric pressure (e.g. from a vented manifold), per NOx measurement channel
Interface Specifications
Isolated Analog Outputs: 4-20 mA maps 0 to full scale concentration
Digital communications: MODBUS over Ethernet TCP/IP
Remote Control via VNC by mobile or desktop computer

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